Human Blood Plasma And Seawater

The health of our blood is not just about normal glucose levels but also about the right balance of minerals and trace minerals. We all have heard about the healing properties of seawater, ancient doctors advised to heal many medical conditions by drinking saltwater or by bathing in it. But what’s in the basis of seawater treatment? Some scientists say we all have a little sea running in our veins and it’s not a metaphor. In 1904, a French biologist/physiologist RenĂ© Quinton proved that human blood composition, or, to be more precise, blood plasma is very close to the composition of seawater, which is another proof that sea is the place where our ancestors and the ancestors of all living beings on Earth came from. It contains every mineral and trace mineral known, in organic form and in the proportions needed by tissues of a human body. That explains the beneficial effect of seawater and sea salt on human health. In 1900’s, when cancer was almost unknown, he successfully treated many other diseases and conditions with injections of diluted true “marine plasma”. The substance normalized the pH and balance the electrolytes in the “internal fluid terrain”, and gives the body trace minerals it lacks, thus removing an underlying cause of numerous diseases: eczema, cholera, tuberculosis. Not just the water showed beneficial effects but also the air rich in seawater ions. For this reason, the best places for health resorts were in spots where the waves were powerfully splashing against rocks, this way enriching the air with the beneficial elements.

Is Seawater A Safe Blood Plasma Substitute?

Is Seawater A Safe Blood Plasma Substitute? Returning to blood plasma composition and mineral content of seawater, over a century ago diluted seawater was shown to serve as a blood transfusion alternative in animal tests. RenĂ© Quinton experimented with stray dogs. Animals not just survived but lives happily and in good health many years after. However, no human trials have ever been conducted. Taking into account the degree of pollution of the seven seas, today saying that seawater is a safe blood plasma substitute is probably an overstatement. However, beneficial properties of seawater are obvious and Quinton’s experiments is just another reason to turn around and take care of our environment and the Seven Seas that have/had all the need to heal. Read more about the use of seawater as a safe blood plasma substitute.

What are trace minerals?

Trace minerals are a group of minerals that the body needs in very small amounts: iron, zinc, manganese, copper,fluoride molybdenum iodine, chromium, selenium. There has been a lot of debates concerning what is the actual cause of the most of today’s diseases and although mineral deficiency theory is generally not one of the winners, it definitely should not be ignored for it’s chemical elements our body consists of. Moreover, many researchers came to the conclusion that being short of just a single mineral can give rise to at least 10 diseases and conditions. Also. in has been noticed that during sea water treatment process the body absorbs only those elements that are in deficiency. For many decades, seawater was successfully used to treat desalination,

Healing with Seawater and Environmental Issues

However, you should be cautious about using seawater for recreation and healing. Today seawater composition is much different fro what it was not just billions years ago but even just a hundred years ago, a null compared to the time that passed we we went out of the ocean. And, unfortunately, water composition changed for the worse, now including all possible sorts of waste. The closer to the big cities, ports or sewage - the worse. Such water not just lost all its healing properties but is even dangerous to swim, not to say about rinsing the throat, making baths for the skin or (Gob forbid!) rinsing nasal cavities.

  • Make sure there are not cities, ports or sewage nearby. Choose a place as far as possible from those places.
  • Make sure the water is transparent to the bottom
  • Seaweeds and mussels are a good sign
  • Oozy foam flakes on the surface are a bad sign of too such organic waste
  • Using water after a storm of even roughness is also a bad idea - strong waves raise waste deposition from bottom to the surface