Healing Powers Of Seawater

You might have heard or read multiple times that seawater works wonders on a human body. For me, this statement is not just quoting seawater products commercials or even numerous reports from other people, but, which is even more important to me as someone investigating the theory - my own positive experience. Although I look really good and young and slim, few people know how many health issues I actually had. In fact, some issues still remain but you can’t always get all you want immediately, chronic things need time to heal and they are improving. But what the sea already did to me is a miracle that pushed me to make a thorough investigation of the healing properties of seawater.

Sewater and My Own Health

Healing Powers Of Seawater Many times I felt unwell or was actually sick I plucked up all the strength I had left and went to the sea to swim. And like by the wave of a magic wand I felt better immediately upon entering the water, no matter how scary or cold it seemed to plunge in. By saying unwell or sick I mean not just common things like low energy, weakness, joint pains, migraines or high blood pressure but sore throat, running nose and even otitis - the conditions when swimming is contraindicated. (I was careful enough not to let water in the ears, though). In fact, when I moved to the seaside permanently so as to have daily swims, most of my previously chronic problems like migraines, high BP or joint stiffness dissolved all by themselves. Better toned and younger skin and shiny hair go without saying, as well as better eyesight and less eye strain. Of course, by no means I recommend to swim when you are running high temperature - don’t take unnecessary risks! More than that, beware of strong cold winds. They may turn a slight cold or another ailment or even skipping a meal into otitis, pulpitis and periodontitis (I came through this, not without consequences). However, as to the sea my own experience explicitly says something in favor of our body’s most intimate relationship with seawater and it’s benefit for us. Of course, the water must be clean, as far as possible from big cities, ports and other polluters. So, the above theory seems have every right for existence, it’s not magic - it’s logic.

Sea Water Benefits - What Seawater Gave Me

Just a short list of what got fixed in me from daily swimming in the sea and breathing with coastal air. Yoo don’t have to to to the Dead Sea, any sea will work as long as it’s clean.

  • Migraines. I regularly had them for the past 15 years and kept having from time to time during the first months at the sea. Very soon they they completely passed away.
  • Skin. Is sea water good for skin? Definitely, it is! No need to list all the benefits of seawater of the skin, I’ll just say that the skin will look younger, be more elastic and better toned. And if you have a problem skin nothing works better than seawater on inflammation and other unpleasant issues.

  • Chaps on my fingers and psoriasis. Just before I arrived to the seaside I had a chap on my finger that wouldn’t heal for weeks and scaling dry skin on my fingers and elbows that looked exactly like psoriasis and persisted for moths after a severe stress. The chap that kept fresh and bleeding for weeks skinned over after 1 days or swimming in the sea. The psoriasis-like skin irregularities disappeared in about 1 week.
  • Healing wounds by seawater. It works, wounds skin over very quickly. I never had an inflammation on a wound I was swimming with. However, be careful about large or fresh surgical wounds, you may have them infected! They need some time to skin over on their own.

  • Dandruff. I used to get hit by this plague at stressful periods. It was gone in about a month. However, the healing effect of seawater on dandruff and hair is not new to me and it was something I expected and hoped for.

  • My blood sugar. To be honest and as objective as possible, I didn’t test blood sugar levels immediately before stating my close relationship with the sea. For this reason, it’s hard to estimate the contribution of seawater in to my blood sugar health, although now my glucose levels are excellent and I don’t restrict myself in eating sweet fruit. A couple of years ago I discovered I had elevated blood sugar so I immediately gave up unhealthy eating and gradually my blood sugar lowered to acceptable normal ranges. Since then, I didn’t measure blood sugar for I hate finger pricking (it makes me sick!) but now my blood sugar is even healthier than that last time i measured it months ago. It could be the diet that continued to work, it could be the sea - I hope at least to some extent.

  • Weight loss, fat burning. I can’t say anything about the impact of seawater on weight loss or fat burning for I didn’t have to face these issues, but swimming if definitely one of the best calorie burning and muscle-toning workouts that helps lose inches. And better toned skin improves the way cellulite looks.

  • Power from sea water. I don’t know how but even if I feel weak and have low energy having a dip and swimming for 5 minutes gives me strength and energy for the whole day.

You may also find this information interesting, it’s on the works of RenĂ© Quinton also known as French Darwin, blood health, marine therapy and other researchers’ opinions.

Drinking Sea Water For Health

I never tried using seawater as drinking water and I don’t think I my sea water healing therapy will include this and will just suffice myself with bathing. The reason for that is my first sea bathing experience I had as a child when I think I swallowed about a ton of seawater and hated the way it tasted and even felt nausea afterwards, although never vomited. I also think today’s seawater is not cleans enough to drink it.

Salt from seawater - how I use it.

I don’t eat salt at all but I use sea salt for baths when I’m away from the sea.