How To Test Blood Sugar?

How to test blood sugar largely depends on whether you have been diagnosed with prediabetes or diabetes, experience any symptoms of high or low blood sugar, or just want to assess your blood glucose picture and take action to prevent any associated medical conditions in future.

How To Check Sugar Levels if you have Diabetes...

If diabetes is a new challenge in your life, one of the first things you’ll have to learn is how to test blood sugar. This is going to be a routine procedure, for some people even more routine than eating, drinking or visiting bathroom. First of all, much depends on how much diabetes progressed and whether you have to take insulin to control blood sugar and keep as close to normal levels or not. If things are not that bad and all you currently need is control your diet. you may have to take less than 7 tests a day. If you need to administer insulin, it s a good idea to have a glucose meter combined with insulin pump. The pump gets the test reading directly from the meter and measures the right amount of insulin for you to receive. This device helps your react faster, avoid mistakes and keep your glucose within levels normal for diabetics.

How To Test Blood SugarTraditionally, blood sugar is measured at home by the means of test meters. For every test, you have to prick your finger with a small sharp needle called lancet, squeeze out a drop of blood of a test strip and insert in in the glucose meter (see the pic). The meter will display the result in a few seconds, most devices allow to store test results for future use or even make charts and graphs from the readings stored in the memory. There are specialized meters for visually impaired persons.Timing of blood sugar tests is individual and is assigned by the doctor. As a rule, the tests are taken before (fasting tests) and after meals. Additional tests are taken when you experience any symptoms or when you want to check how your blood glucose responds to stress, medications your take if your are sick, and other factors. Read more in blood sugar testing supplies section.

Can I Test Blood Sugar At Alternative Sites, Other Than Fingertips?

Normal Fasting Blood Sugar Levels

Having your fingertips constantly pricked all other is not pleasant and may cause inconveniences, discomfort of even painful sensations (depending on your pain threshold). There are alternatives sites, like upper arms, hips or base of the thumb. However, you should remember that fingertips blood shows blood sugar changes faster than other body areas, so results from other sites will be less precise and actual. For example, using alternative sites for blood sugar measuring after meals (when glucose levels change rapidly) or if your experience symptoms of low blood sugar (and need to act urgently) if not a good idea.

So, even if you have diabetes, enjoy life and hope for the best - many diseases and conditions that were incurable in the past are successfully treated and cured today. The reward for your current condition is that people with diabetes are better organized, motivated and have stronger will power which helps then achieve a lot in the life. Diabetes is not a reason to get blue but a stimulus to change your life for the better!

If blood glucose issues are new to you and you don’t know what sort of test you need but you experience some of the worrying symptoms of abnormal blood glucose, or just want to make sure your body processes glucose in the proper way, read about different blood sugar tests.

How To Test Blood Sugar Level At Home

The most effective way is using a glucose meter, a small portable device. People with diabetes successfully use these devices to have their blood glucose under control several times a day, not just at home but everywhere - at work, on business trips, during travels, while visiting friends. If the idea of finger pricking makes your sick, read on.

How To Test Blood Sugar Without A Meter

If you don’t have a blood glucose meter at all or need to assess blood glucose but glucose meter in out of reach, you may check your urine for ketones. Having ketones in the urine is a sign that your body is using fat to get the energy rather than glucose, for example, because of insufficient insulin. Having moderate-to-large amounts of ketones in your urine is a reason to contact a doctor and take a series of other tests, including blood sugar tests. You can easily buy urine test stripes at your local pharmacy. Urine tests may may provide some information about glucose concentration in your body. However, it’s not as informative as blood sugar tests, so if you doctor tells you to keep an eye on your blood sugar or you have diabetes, glucose meter is a must.

How To Test Blood Sugar Without A Finger Prick

No one like finger pricks, breaking the skin and letting blood. However, many people need precise information about their blood sugar levels several times a day. Today, researches develop new devices that use light or laser beams coming through your skin to measure blood sugar. Finger pricks are needed only for the calibration of the device.