Normal Blood Sugar Levels for Men

Normal blood sugar levels for men vary from different references found in medical books, journals and other internet data. Several aspects affecting the level of glucose in male’s body also correlate with risk factors. Factors that can be modified are contrast with non-modifiable factors to distinguish the background of blood sugar in the body. This includes familial background of diseases, age and ethnicity for non-modifiable risk factors whereas modifiable factors are included, but not limited to, lifestyle, smoking, eating habits, exercise and others. The Importance of Glucose

Glucose or blood sugar is the reason why we speak, think, walk, play and do body movements. It is the primary source of energy to generate our healthy cell. We consume glucose from the food we eat. Whatever we munch up from our mouth are digested in our gastrointestinal tract and the process of digestion takes place in the stomach. Various enzymes are converted to be absorbed into the bloodstream reaching the phase of achieving a normal level.

Before achieving a normal blood sugar levels for men, glucose have to be converted first. Since glucose is big enough to be absorbed by the cell, it has to breakdown into smaller parts with combination to insulin. The function of insulin acts as a hormone to facilitate and regulate blood sugar levels. When the cell is in need of metabolic functions, insulin breaks down glucose to utilize it in the cell.

Ranges of Normal Blood Sugar Levels for Men

normal blood sugar levels for men

What is a normal blood sugar level for men? Ideally, the normal blood sugar levels for men are from 70 to 100 milligram per deciliter, while in other context they show 70 to 140 milligram per deciliter. Due to the fluctuation of levels, there are methods and techniques on how to do a proper test given for men who want to determine their blood sugar level. Using the fasting method, this approach provides eight hour fasting from the time you eat, and then test are instill. For the random blood sugar test, it measures the level of glucose any time of the day whether food is taken or not.

The purpose of using the test to determine blood sugar does not account for patient’s history in the hospital rather it is beneficial for those who have family history of Diabetes mellitus or has been diagnosed with one.

With regards to comparison of blood sugar levels between men and women, it adheres to the fact that variation can be observed upon the body structure of both gender, lifestyle and perhaps activities. Based on clinical studies, there is a slight difference in the normal blood sugar levels for women and for men, but see to if they still focus on the normal ranges.

If blood sugar level in a man falls below 70, he is most likely to experience Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar level in the body. He will manifest weakness, irritability, a change in cognitive function, or similar to a person who exercise without eating anything. If the normal blood sugar levels for men range increase that is above 100, he is likely to experience an increase in thirst and appetite and, frequent urination. These signs and symptoms reveal a typical indicator of diabetes.