Seawater As A Safe Blood Plasma Substitute

The theory that seawater can be used as a safe blood plasma substitute was born at the beginning of 1900’s, when French naturalist, physiologist and biologist René Quinton (also dubbed the "French Darwin”), who studied the similarity between seawater and blood plasma and the effect of seawater on the health of mammals. In his experiments on stray dogs (treating them the in best possible way, in fact) Quinton completely replaced their blood with "ocean plasma" - diluted, cold-filtered ocean water. Not just did the dogs survive, but even became healthier and lived many years after, and the blood completely regenerated in just 4 days. Later, Quinton’s "marine treatment”, not transfusion, though, but other therapeutic procedures involving the use of sea water, helped thousands of incurable patients regain health. The World War I intercepted in the work of René Quinton turning the attention of this talented researcher, the president of the academy of sciences and a Member of Academy of Medicine to….aviation. Although aviation and aviators gained form this work a lot, the experiments with seawater transfusion were resumed and successfully repeated on dogs only in 1969 by other researchers, but never evolved into something bigger or were done on humans. So the name of René Quinton is not much discussed today and we can only guess at the reasons. However, there’s been a lot of evidence if favor of healing properties of sea water since, even in the researchers’ world.

René Quinton

For example, an article by Dianne Jacobs Thompson published in Nexus Magazine, Volume 13, Number 6 (October - November 2006) is a report of a health researcher, who, in spite of her professionally grounded fears of having anything injected in her blood stream, confides that in case she has a surgery she wants "to see "ocean plasma” in a drip bag above my head before the lights went out” rather than any other modern blood agents. Thompson herself has received marine treatment from a severe disease with an immense success. The therapy was based on the long forgotten in the medical world works of René Quinton, who insisted that the basis of healing any disease is correcting the "internal terrain” or the body - blood plasma by properly balancing the mineral composition by the means of seawater. And of course, the health of out blood has much more to deal with than just blood glucose levels

Indeed, taking into account the long-established hypotheses that all forms of life existing on earth originate from the sea which protected the living organisms from the harmful effect or UV-rays when the ozone layers was not yet formed, similarities between blood composition and and seawater seems like a natural consequence: what else could the liquid part of what’s inside the body be composed of? However, one of my personal "cons” of seawater being a safe blood plasma substitute is seawater pollution. No matter where the water is collected and how well it is filtered, it’s chemical composition will not be the same as a century ago, not to mention the times when we supposedly left the sea. However, it’s just my own concern and I leave it to researchers to experiment and make conclusions. But what I’m certain about it that wee need to stop and take good care of seawater before it loses its vital, healing properties due to our careless, barbaric attitude.