Normal Blood Sugar Level to Expect

What Is A Normal Blood Sugar Level? Blood sugar level is the quantity of glucose that is present in the blood. Although it provides the energy the body needs to function normally, too little or too much can cause a lot of serious health problems. It is very important for anyone to know what is a normal blood sugar level to avoid the risks of developing blood sugar conditions such as diabetes.

People who understand what is a normal blood sugar level are better prepared to recognize certain symptoms concerning blood sugar conditions. This can help them to either prevent the risk of developing diseases, or getting the treatment immediately when necessary. Measuring blood sugar levels is possible through a few methods. One way is through a fasting blood glucose test, which is done after 8 hours of fasting from any kind of food. Random blood sugar tests can also be done at any time to check on blood sugar levels. Both tests are performed to help make a diagnosis for a medical condition. A lot of pregnant women undergo screening to check on a condition called gestational diabetes, which is associated with pregnancy. The random blood sugar level tests are normally done by individuals who need to keep a close eye on their sugar levels and assure them that they are safely within the range of what is a normal blood sugar level.

Blood Sugar Level to Expect

In response to what is a normal blood sugar level, the most general answer is 70 to 150 mg per deciliter. However, normal blood glucose levels for men slightly differ from normal blood sugar levels for women. Also, the ranges normal in children may change as the child grows. After a blood fasting sugar test, 70 to 100 mg/dl is considered normal. When sugar levels fall below 70 mg, the condition is called hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. Sugar levels exceeding the range of 150 mg without the fasting sugar test indicates that the person is suffering from hyperglycemia or high blood sugar. Both conditions are serious and call for immediate medical attention for proper treatment.